Review Policy

Authors and Publishers:

Thanks for considering What Readers Want to review your book!

We love reading and being able to share our thoughts with others. We especially enjoy helping to promote new, up-and-coming authors and their books. We review adult Fantasy books exclusively. We accept ARC's, finished printed books and eBooks formats.

Genre We Accept:

- Fantasy / High Fantasy 
Urban Fantasy 
Dark Fantasy 
Science Fiction 
Paranormal Romance 
Contemporary Romance 
Mystery / Suspense
- Cozy Mysteries

Genre We Do Not Accept
Young Adult 
New Adult 

Our reviews will include
Cover art 
Publication details 
Synopsis of the book (usually taken from Goodreads, Amazon or the jacket flap) 
Personal thoughts about the book Note: Our reviews are our honest thoughts and opinions about the book. We do not accept payment for our reviews.

Our Rating System:

5 Stars: This book is Awesome!
I could not put it down!
One of the best books I've ever read! 
Move this book to the top of your to-read list! 

4 Stars: I loved this book! 
A must-read, and a book I would read again. 

3 Stars: This book was good.
It's worth reading. 

2 Stars: This book was okay. 
Some parts were good, but overall, it's not one of my favorites. 

1 Star: This book wasn't really for me. 

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